The climbing wall visually and physically symbolises the strength and mental toughness required in leadership. To make it to the top you need support, strength, motivation and determination.

Go For It! (Outdoor Climbing Wall)

A leader knows where they are going and how to get there. Use map and compass skills to help you follow the clues and find out the keys to leadership. 

Treasure Hunt (Orienteering)

This challenge is based on Gympie's Gold Mining Heritage. Students will need to work together to demonstrate the best and most effective solutions utilising teamwork, creativity and communication. 

Select the Right Team (Gold Rush Activity)

What we hear and 80% of what we see! This session challenges you to collaboratively reflect how to prepare well for leadership and create a visual representation - ART with HEART! This will be a lasting reminder of the type of leader you are striving to be.

Prepare Well (Art Activity)

In this session John will unpack strategies to increase confidence, initiative, empathy and communication - skills for a lifetime of success.

Leadership Lessons with John

The ultimate challenge of teamwork, communication and problem solving to reach new heights.

Crate Stack

Students will face the music and learn what it means to work as a team to compose a team chant. Listening, co-operation and teamwork skills will be developed through this hands-on activity. 

Face the Music

Sink or Swim will enhance team skills, including communication, persistence and cooperation, as students complete simple manoeuvring tasks. 

Sink or Swim


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